The Business Design Summit

What is the Business Design Summit?

An action focused event that won't let you sit and listen, you'll learn by doing.
A chance to up your game, and bring back actionable tools to your team.
An exclusive event for visionary leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and consultants.
11 great business minds converging to share hands-on and proven business tools.
More learning in 2 days than you learned in the entire last year.

Why is this event happening?

Whether building new businesses or re-inventing existing ones, all leaders need practical strategies to navigate today's ruthless business environment. You need tools, not talk.

A few authors, visionaries and world-class entrepreneurs recognize this. They are creating a new business toolbox and playbook to help you meet the demands of your market. They are developing tools that radically reduce your risk, increase your teams performance, clarify your strategy, boost your innovation efforts, discover what your customers really want, and more.

For the first time, they're all coming together to share the worlds most practical strategies with a very select group. Will you be at this historic event?

Eleven Leaders. Eleven Tools.

Are you looking for hands-on and proven business tools?
Learn the world's most successful ones straight from the creators.


Four short presentations by business leaders who have applied the tools in the field

LISA CHEN, Toyota Financial Services - Applying the BM Canvas
JUSTIN LOKITZ, Autodesk - Applying the VP Canvas
KARL LANDERT, Credit Suisse - Challenges of Business Model Innovation in Large Companies
MUKI HANSTEEN-IZORA, Intel - Opportunity Framework

When is the event?

April 19th and 20th

Just 6 months away.
Just 186 business days away.
Just 4464 work hours away.
Just 366 meetings away.

Where is the event?

We're converging from around the world, in Berlin.

Take advantage of our discounted rates and shuttle services.